Old Peterites

St Peter’s School community is an extended family that includes all of our past pupils, parents and staff and others who have an interest in our School.

A strong and active community brings breadth to the vision of the School and can help to ensure the School’s longevity as bonds are retained over many generations. The Foundation works closely with the School in developing vibrant and lasting relationships, which are of benefit to all. Each year, the Foundation organises a number of events for OPs, current and past parents, staff and friends of the School. Events are organised for specific regions of the country or different year groups or cohorts and they provide a great opportunity for people with a shared history to meet up.

If you would like the Foundation to assist you in organising an event relating to your association with the School then please get in touch.

The Old Peterite Club provides a forum where Old Peterites can keep in touch, attend dinners and take part in OP sports teams.


We have had several enquiries about the School Grace. Please find it below, along with a translation.

Benedic Domine nos et dona tua
quae sumus sumpturi per Christum
Dominum nostrum Amen

[Bless us, Oh Lord, and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
through Christ our Lord, Amen]