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France - Louise Morales nèe Adams (Queen's 1976-1978)

St Peter's 13-18

France - Louise Morales nèe Adams (Queen's 1976-1978)

I have been living by the sea here in Cabourg for many years now and am able to mix work and pleasure by teaching English and sketching. (Have your gateau and mange le!) Having always been attracted by France and the sea I came here on holiday 20 years ago and decided to stay.

At the time I was alone with my 2 young children, Louis and Lucie. They both now live in the south of France (who blames them) Louis is a physical actor/clown (like Mr Bean) and Lucie is a music therapist who is about to embark on a musical adventure ( which may interest some of you.

I was an interior designer in London – hotels, restaurants etc.. - Conran, Fitch etc.. and also in Paris before I had my children. I was mainly employed for my sketching abilities – 3D presentations. 

I came back to York for 4 years and taught French as well as being an interior designer for hotels and restaurants (with my late father Tom Adams) in and around York. This enabled the children to have both an English education and a taste of English culture and also to enjoy their grandparents. It was a blast from the past which I really appreciated - York is a wonderful place and we are so lucky to have been brought up there!

However I started to miss speaking French and France so much so that I decided to go on holiday by the sea in Normandy and put the children in a French school for 3 weeks in July (to keep up their French) This inevitably led me to searching for work/flat at the same time  and soon after we came back to live here.

I have been teaching English to a broad range of public – factories, banks, schools, hospitals, France telecom etc...I have had a few exhibitions of my artwork and am now concentrating more on it.

Stories from the past – as one of the first girls it was a fantastic experience – who wouldn't have appreciated it at the age of 16!! I had a couple of boyfriends there (not at the same time!) and we had lots of parties etc.. A few of us went on a barge trip on holiday down south and I remember one of the guys fell into the water twice when stepping from the boat to the land – he had changed his smart clothes and repeated the incident – so funny!! My two years there were a novelty and most appreciated.

A hello to all those I knew and if ever you want to come over – I have a spare room!

Art work Louise