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Philippines - Ian Gray (School House 1968 - 1973)

St Peter's 13-18

Philippines - Ian Gray (School House 1968 - 1973)

"Never a dull moment!" as they say. St. Peter's was true to form. If not in a; Classroom (being lectured to & putting pen to paper), a Laboratory (concocting a myriad of substances)  or, the mess hall (wherein you could hear a pin drop amongst the hundreds of students - standing to attention whilst the "Masters" filed in to take their seats at the top-table) chomping away at the Chefs' delights of the day, we would be playing sports, 'Squash' was my favorite. Swimming, Hockey and Rugby followed.

I recall the state-of the art, facilities and wonderful teachers and Coaches. I also recall getting a broken nose in the first few minutes of an inter-house Hockey Final (1970) and being concussed on the final day of the term. My House was; School House, in the centre of everything.That said, St. Peter's still leaves me with very fond memories of the teachers' and, many friends that I made whilst there.

The School gave me a rounded & solid education that built up my self-confidence and prepared me for my future career. Thereafter, having to enter the real world (getting a job) prior to taking up a Management course in a Hotel School in Switzerland, I was able to live my dream and work in Five star properties around the world. The secret: Have a passion for what YOU want to do in life.  Focus and, set your goals on where YOU want your journey to take you. Commit yourself ... have confidence (go with your gut feelings), always aspire to execute the task on hand better ... push your boundaries.

I am now retired and live with my Filipino wife ("Tess") south of Manila, in a residential Estate where I get to play golf 3 times a week, swim, garden and go fishing. My children live & work in; Sweden, Norway, China and Australia. Life has been a journey (think of it as that) .... it never seems to end. God Bless!

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