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Create something incredible

St Peter's 13-18

Create something incredible

Create something incredible at St Peter's
From their first drawings in Nursery through to their performance in the Senior Music Festival, pupils of all ages at St Peter’s are encouraged to seek inspiration, challenge themselves and think creatively every day.

Across each of the three schools that make up the St Peter’s community, both the curriculum and co-curricular activities offer pupils a rich and diverse range of opportunities to discover their own unique passions.

St Peter's 2-8 is proud to offer an environment which cultivates curiosity from an early age - pupils’ stories and artwork adorn the walls, and regular performances, supported by our dedicated full time music teacher, provide an opportunity for children to express their creative side.

Creativity, curiosity and flexible thinking are central to the philosophy of St Peter's 8-13, evidenced not only by the wonderful art our children create every day, but also by the dazzling drama and music performances in which pupils really develop their talents.

Les Mis

St Peter’s is home to a thriving drama programme; an inspiring art department, complete with its own gallery; and a music school which frequently performs at some of the country’s leading venues and events.

Even beyond the core creative subjects, our teachers support pupils in exploring their interests and guide them towards new ones through a rich and varied curriculum, and over 160 co-curricular activities.