St Peter's School



Top sites:
Amateur Rowing Association (the governing body of GB rowing)
World Rowing / FISA

Big Rowing Venues in Great Britain:
Dorney Lake (Eton, Windsor)

Main clubs which run events:
Ancholme Rowing Club
Nottingham Rowing Club
Nottingham Regatta
Tyne Rowing Club
Peterborough Rowing Club
Durham Amateur Rowing Club
Metropolitan Regatta

Main Events:
Fours Head (London)
Tideway Head of the River Race (London)
The Boat Race
Gent International Junior Regatta
National Schools’ Regatta (Nottingham)
Henley Women’s Regatta
Henley Royal Regatta
Coupe de la Jeunesse

Rowing Photographers:
Jet Photographic

Other Websites:
WADA (World Anti-doping Agency, advice on sport and medications)
The Rowing Service (lots of second hand boats)