Book donation scheme

Clifton School and Nursery

Book donation scheme

Clifton library
Parents are invited to donate books to the Clifton Library, as a memento of your children's time with us. Your donation will be recognised by a bookplate in the front of the book and it will be shown on the computer who it was donated by when borrowed in the future.

Please see below a list of suggested books with prices and email your request to Mrs Headlam-Morley, who will then delete it from the list. The cost will be added to your fee account.

The list will close on Monday 5th June 2017 so that we can order, have jackets fitted where necessary and display the books before the children leave.  Alternatively, if you feel passionately about a particular book, we would welcome your suggestions. 

Title Author  
Steven Seagull Action Hero Dolan, Elys £5.46
Solomon and Mortimer Rayner, Catherine £5.46
The Lion Inside Bright, Rachel £5.14
A Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting Robinson, Michelle £5.14
I'm Going to Eat this Ant Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris £5.46
Floss the Playground Boss Averiss, Corrinne £5.46
Jimmy Finnigan's Wild Wood Band Knight, Tom £5.46
The Naughty Naughty Baddies Sperring, Mark £5.46
The Covers of My Book are Too Far Apart! (and Other Grumbles) French, Vivian £5.46
Superbat Carr, Matt £5.46
Freddie Mole - Lion Tamer McCall Smith, Alexander £4.71
Nature Book Beaton, Clare £5.46
Space Knights and Ice Dragons Webster, Sheryl £3.97
Marge and the Pirate Baby Fisher, Isla £4.71
Trouble Next Door Higgins, Chris £3.97
Sir Lance-a-Little and the Big Bad Wolf Impey, Rose £6.70
The Great Treasure Hunt Mould, Chris £4.71
A Race for Toad Hall Moorhouse, Tom £4.71
Stop the Stone Monsters! Murray, Helen £3.72
Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate Gray, Kes £4.71
Disco! MacDonald, Alan £3.97
Henry Pond the Poet King-Smith, Dick £5.46
A Horse Called Moon Barker, Claire £7.44
Podkin One-Ear Larwood, Kieran £5.46
The Moonlight Statue Webb, Holly £4.71
Where's Horrid Henry? Simon, Francesca £8.19
Rabbit's Bad Habits Gough, Julian £4.71
The Cat and the King Sharratt, Nick £8.19
Lights! Camera! Action! Smith, Alex T. £4.71
Seaside Rescue! Jones, Pip £5.46
Are You Sitting Comfortably? Hodgkinson, Leigh £5.46
Going for Gold Smith, Alex T. £4.71
Love is my Favourite Thing Chichester Clark, Emma £5.21
Be Brave Little Penguin Andreae, Giles £9.68
A Day with Dogs De Monfreid, Dorothee £11.17
The New liBEARian Donald, Alison £5.46
This is a Serious Book Parachini, Jodie £5.46
Ordinary George Nadin, Joanna £3.97
Murdoch Mole Digs for Gold Adams, Georgie £3.97
Robin's Winter Song Barton, Suzanne £5.46
Jenny the Pony's New Friends Kessler, Liz £3.97
What's So Yummy?  : All About Eating Well and Feeling Good Harris, Robie H. £5.46