What the experts are saying about Clifton School and Nursery

Clifton School and Nursery

What the experts are saying about Clifton School and Nursery

Boy at Clifton School and NurseryIn February, Clifton School and Nursery was declared the Prep/pre-prep school of the year at the TES Independent School Awards, beating some of the country’s top schools.

Judges praised the school’s “innovation, imagination and efforts to develop children in ways that go beyond league tables.”

What will your child grow up to be?

Every parent wants their child to leave primary school ready for the world, with the confidence they need to take on new opportunities. But in rapidly shifting societies and workplaces, more than traditional skills will be needed for success and happiness in the future. Clifton School and Nursery, part of the St Peter's York Family of Schools, is winning national plaudits by taking a new approach to education which does away with rules and a traditional curriculum

Values or rules?

Four ‘Learning Superheroes’ teach children what it means to be reflective, collaborative, resourceful and resilient: skills which set up little learners for great things.

Clifton is built on values rather than rules. Children learn to think about what it means to act with purpose and consistency and make their own decisions.

What is thematic learning?

Thematic learning gives each class a new, exciting text or theme every term. Youngsters can’t wait for the first day of term to find out what their focus will be – a Dickens novel, a crime scene, a children’s classic text or film. Throughout the term teachers let children’s curiosity lead the way, as together they raise questions inspired by the theme (How do kites fly? How do bats see in the dark?) and use maths, writing, research and artistic skills to answer them.

Make up your own mind?

Now parents and families are being invited to attend an Open Day in June.

Current pupils will carry out tours, explaining in their own words what they love about their school.

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