Clifton performances kick off the festive season

Clifton School and Nursery

Clifton performances kick off the festive season

Year 1 Nativity 2017

Each year group at Clifton has performed a unique Christmas play to get the school into the festive spirit.

Years 1, 2 and 3 took to the stage in front of a packed Memorial Hall at St Peter’s School, entertaining their audience with humorous and musical retellings of classic Christmas tales.

Year 1dazzled with an ABBA-themed version of the nativity entitled Thank You for the Saviour, featuring festive renditions of some classic songs.

They were followed by Year 2, who took us behind the scenes of a Clifton Christmas play in Tinsel and Teatowels.

Year 3 Aladdin Trouble 2017

Year 3 treated us to a unique version of a much-loved pantomime in the form of Aladdin Trouble, complete with songs and a memorable cast of characters.

In the Nursery, the children formed a colourful cast of Christmassy characters to sing an array of festive favourites for the gathered family and teachers, and Reception entertained their audience with a lively recital of an original play, Dear Santa.

Phil Hardy, Head of Clifton School and Nursery, said: “These Christmas performances are always a really special occasion for the whole school community to come together and for parents to see how confident and creative their children can be. A big thank you to the teachers for staging such an innovative and entertaining selection of plays, especially Mrs Hayden for providing the music for each of them, and a big well done to the children for getting us into the festive spirit so wonderfully!’