New Term, New Themes

Clifton School and Nursery

New Term, New Themes

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Our Year 3 pupils started their intergalactic adventure by researching the planets of our Solar System

Pupils at Clifton School and Nursery were eager to get back to school this week. Not only were they able to greet their friends and teachers after the Christmas break but they also got to find out what their new learning themes for the coming term are.

Every term, each year group at Clifton is given a new theme that will be the focus for their learning. The themes can range from a book to the far reaches of the solar system, with each theme giving the children a unique way to learn about the world around them.

Nursey, in addition to Years 1 and 2, have taken their inspiration this term from the natural world, with each year group discovering a different aspect of our world. Nursery will be exploring Winter where they will encounter all of the change the season brings with it. Year 1’s theme of Overground and Underground will get them looking at not just the world around us but that which is under our feet. Year 2 were thrilled to learn that their theme for this term is Green Fingers, which they will allow them to delve into some of the stories and art that has been inspired by the green spaces all around us, such as the myths and legends of the Green Man.

Y2 Green FingersYear 2 start their learning theme by searching for the Green Man

Year 3 were excited to learn that they will be travelling far into the galaxy to explore space this term and they all can’t wait to learn about the wonders of the solar system.

Reception have adopted a quite different theme this term, as they will be exploring concepts of well-being. To introduce the class to this theme, Reception were delighted to be given a yoga lesson to boost their personal, physical and mental well-being.

Watch Reception’s Yoga Class on YouTube

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