Great Clifton Bake Off

Clifton School and Nursery

Great Clifton Bake Off

Bake Off 2019 (2)

Pupils from across Clifton School and Nursery got together this week for the annual Great Clifton Bake Off.

Each child had based their cakes around the theme that their year group was studying. Despite the cold weather, families stood proud next to their Gruffalo or Egyptian mummy cakes that were made over the weekend. One parent was overheard saying “there are almost too many to try”!

Families had a fun-day Sunday baking these lovely treats. A parent at Clifton School and Nursery said “The messiness of baking and seeing the outcome of what they achieved was brilliant.”

Well done to everyone! For those eager for the results, here are the winners:

Year 2
Theme: Extraordinary Explorers

Acorns & Conkers (Nursery)
Theme: Autumn and Winter

Theme: Rhythm and Rhyme

Year 1
Theme: In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Year 3
Theme: Tomb Raiders