Clifton Bake Space Themed Cookies

Clifton School and Nursery

Clifton Bake Space Themed Cookies

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Clifton pupils visited St Olave’s yesterday to bake cookies. When asked if he enjoyed going to St Olave’s kitchen one pupil confidently said “me and my friend go over there all the time!”

Today the children excitedly used popping candy to decorate their colourful cookies to give them an extra *bang*. One pupil said “it’s like a rocket going off in my mouth!” All around the room children were comparing loud noises exploding in their mouths. But what got them even more excited was how they were going to be taking their cookies home to share with their families.

The children were decorating in line with this term’s theme ‘extraordinary explorers’. Earlier this term Year One and Two pupils met with Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, in the chapel to ask space related questions. It’s clear this term’s theme has truly grabbed the children’s attention.