Pupils from Clifton perform their Christmas Play

Clifton School and Nursery

Pupils from Clifton perform their Christmas Play

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Pupils from Clifton, Years One, Two and Three, performed their Christmas plays today.

Year One kicked off with a visit from Elton John, which, Mr Hardy reckons is a first in school plays. However, Elton John was nothing on the star of the show… Mr Hardy himself, played by a look-a-like pupil in glasses and suit. This caused giggling both in the audience and on-stage. Aliens had landed on earth but Clifton was the only School kind enough to let the aliens in as they ‘accept everyone, even those who are different’.

Year Two showed their own version of the nativity with an alien twist, keeping in line with this term's thematic learning subject; adventurers. The children performed with confidence. The pupils showed great teamwork as they could be seen encouraging each-other during the festive play.

Year Three finished off the show with a performance of Hood Winked. A few children had solo singing parts, showing bravery and skill. With a witty script and passionate singing the show was a hit with friends and family.

A truly joyful performance from Years One, Two and Three with more to follow from reception and Nursery later in the week.