St Peter's School


Are you interested in meeting up with people that you went to School with? Would you like to revisit the School as a group and reminisce about old times? Then consider having a reunion!

We will be delighted to support any OPs who are interested in organising a reunion.  We can help with sending letters and emails to your year or class groups, and advertise your reunion on the School website and OP Facebook page.  We can also assist in helping with bookings and arrangements for any part of your reunion that will take place at the School, whether you’re interested in a tour, a reception, or coming along to watch some of our fixtures. 

If you would like to visit the School as part of your event it is very important that we plan in advance to fit it in with the School calendar.  Please do get in touch with Philippa Dunford-Jeffs if you would like to find out more; by phone on 01904 527363 or by email at

We will continue to arrange reunion events for specific groups throughout the year, and we would be delighted to see as many OPs as possible return to the School for OP Day.