30 year reunion for the "Class of 1988"

St Peter's School

30 year reunion for the "Class of 1988"

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The “Class of ‘88” had a fabulous 30 year reunion on Saturday 1st September. It began at school where we joined in the festivities of the OP day, watching the rugby, netball and hockey matches in play (wishing we could be on the pitch) and eating a delicious BBQ prepared by school. The sun shone and showed off the school at its best and many took the opportunity to take a tour of their old houses and classrooms.  The festivities followed on to “The Ex” where many a reminisce was regaled. Then around 60 of us continued our tales at Kennedy’s bar just off Stonegate in York. It was wonderful to hear what everybody was up to, where they were living, how their families had grown and where their careers paths were heading. However, not much had changed, lots of old jokes and familiar banter was exchanged and soon it was like we had never been away. There is now an appetite to do this more often, so with our WhatsApp group set up, we can take the positive from social media, and keep in touch. Looks like OP day might become a regular date in our calendar.

written by Rebecca Bletcher, Class of 1988

Class of 1988 3

Class of 1988