OP's World Marathon Challenge

St Peter's School

OP's World Marathon Challenge

Old Peterite Georgie Acons is planning to run seven marathons in seven days on the seven continents to raise money and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity.

The event will start on 23 January on a glacier in Antarctica; Georgie, who was a member of Temple House and left in 2002, will then be travelling around the world through Chile, Miami, Madrid, Marrakesh, Dubai and Sydney running 183 miles in 168 hours.

Georgie Acons

It’s a mammoth challenge, which only 26 people in the world have achieved, and one that she is attempting in support of a family friend but also in memory of school friend Hannah Smith, an OP, who sadly died shortly after leaving St Peter’s.

With only a few months to go, Georgie is starting to ramp up the training and will be taking on the York marathon in October as part of her preparations.

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