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Case Study

Case Study

James Webster

Why it’s important to help with fees

I can honestly say that my St Peter’s School experience has changed my life completely. The breadth of opportunities that it has offered and the quality of everything involved with the school has given me such an incredible opportunity that can also benefit so many other children out there.

The high standard of teaching and inspirational staff at the school have allowed me to maximise my academic potential, meaning that I will be attending Warwick University to study History, a subject which I became passionate about due to the brilliant department at this school.

But apart from the amazing academic setup of St Peter’s, which is renowned, the opportunities offered outside of the classroom have been what have made me a more rounded person. I have loved the music at the school, again the staff are incredible in this respect, and this has allowed me to develop my passion for the clarinet, saxophone and guitar. I have also represented the school sports wise at cricket, rugby, hockey and fencing as well as trying out numerous others. I acknowledge that I have never been the best at sport, but the fact that the sporting opportunities and coaching have been available to me is fantastic in itself. I have also taken part in two school plays, as well as performing at numerous school concerts.

But what I would emphasise is how the school has affected me as a person. It has made me more confident and well rounded. It has given me such great preparation for entering into the wider world, and most importantly it has given me so many friendships that will last a lifetime. All in all, it has been the happiest time of my life and has changed my life infinitely for the better.

James Webster, Clifton 2007—2012