Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is interwoven with almost every aspect of our social and business lives today. As such, its planning, implementation and management across the three schools are key factors in its success.

An important objective for the management of ICT is to be able to establish a seamless continuity for pupils from the ages of 4 and 5 years, where they are starting out with keyboard, mouse and touch-screen skills, up to 18 years where students integrate ICT based research and presentation into their examination courses.

At St Olave’s we aim to equip pupils with the necessary skills and judgement required to use the technology effectively, efficiently and safely across their subjects, both now and in years to come. In addition to core applications including word processing and spreadsheets, the syllabus embraces computer programming, simulation and web site design.

Pupils are taught to become adept at choosing the appropriate application for a particular task and encouraged to experiment and share their experiences and ideas when using computers. Safe and sensible Internet use is achieved partly through the school’s filtering system, but also by encouraging pupils to adopt a responsible and informed approach to their on-line activities.

Pupils have access to two computer suites, smaller computer clusters in various subject departments and mobile technology in the form of iPads which are gradually coming into use. Extra-curricular sessions are available for those pupils who wish to further their experience and knowledge of computer programming.


  Christmas Easter Summer
J1 Bookmarks:
Text and graphics
Microsoft Word

Class pets:
Spreadsheet formatting
Microsoft Excel

Christmas picture:
Microsoft Paint
New Year Resolutions:
Text & image formatting
Microsoft Word

Programming introduction

Toy shop:
Spreadsheet formulae
Microsoft Excel
Play poster:
Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Publisher

School email introduction
Microsoft Outlook
J2 Holiday Newspaper:
Formatting text
Microsoft Word

Party Food List:
Spreadsheet formulae
Microsoft Excel

Christmas card:
Graphics & Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Paint & Publisher
Database sorting & searching
Microsoft Excel

Sending attachments
Microsoft Outlook

Slave Poster:
Creating an effective document
Microsoft Word
Simple instruction sequences

Graphs & Charts:
Spreadsheet charts
Microsoft Excel

Using symbols, shapes & keyboard shortcuts
Microsoft Word
J3 Summer Holiday:
Animated presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint

Multiplication Tables:
Spreadsheet formulae
Microsoft Excel

Currency Conversion:
Spreadsheet formulae
Microsoft Excel
Useful Inventions:
Creating an on-line Wiki
Internet & 'Wikispaces'

School dinners:
Comparing the use of various spreadsheet charts
Microsoft Excel

Morphing Images
Instructions, loops & branches

Basic image editing
Adobe Photoshop

Internet Safety:
Responsible Use
CEOP 'ThinkUknow' web site
J4 School Timetable:
Advanced spreadsheet formatting
Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet data:
Advanced database searching and sorting:
Microsoft Excel

Further text formatting:
Superscript, Subscript & Text Styles
Microsoft Word
Using mind mapping software
Mindjet MindManager

Simulating real-life situations
Crocodile Clips

Comparing Data:
Graphing multiple sets of data
Microsoft Excel
Animated flowcharts
Crocodile ICT

Programming a game
J5 York Tourism Project:
Team work to create tourist brochures
Various Applcations

Advanced spreadsheet formatting:
Including conditional formatting
Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet formulae:
Including percentage increase
Microsoft Excel
Band Wagon:
Creating a web site for a music band
Microsoft Expression Web 4

Editing Video Clips:
Windows Moviemaker
Equation Editor:
Typing maths equations
Microsoft Word

Editing digital images:
Image editing
Adobe Photoshop