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Gordon Curtis Norris

St Peter's 13-18

Gordon Curtis Norris

School 1939 - 1945

Died 2 August 2016, aged 89.

Gordon Curtis Norris was born at Brayton, Yorkshire in 1926 and was educated at St Peter’s School and Worcester College, Oxford. After military service in the Rhine Army as a lieutenant with the 1st Battalion the Green Howards and the 5th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment, he was permitted to relinquish his regular commission to join the Colonial Administrative Service in 1952. Norris served variously in the Federation of Malaya, British North Borneo/Sabah (both now part of Malaysia), the New Hebrides and the Solomon Islands. In 1988, he retired to Sydney, Australia. Norris was principally employed as a District Officer, with short spells in secretariat posts and as Curator of the Sabah Museum. After 1978, he specialised in judicial functions and served as a Magistrate in the Solomon Islands and the New Hebrides. About 14 years of his service were spent in colonial administration and 22 years with post-independent governments. Norris was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and the Vanuatu Independence Medal.