Melanie Reid

Tuesday 24th March 2020 | 7pm
St Peter’s School | £10

In conversation with Melanie Reid – ‘The World I Fell Out Of'

On Good Friday, 2010, Melanie Reid fell from her horse, breaking her neck and fracturing her lower back. She was 52. Paralysed from the top of her chest down, she was to spend almost a year in hospital, determinedly working towards gaining as much movement in her limbs as possible, and learning to navigate her way through a world that had previously been invisible to her. As a journalist Melanie had always turned to words and now, on a spinal ward peopled by an extraordinary array of individuals who were similarly at sea, she decided that writing would be her lifeline. The World I Fell Out Of is an account of that year, and of those that followed. It is the untold ‘back story’ behind Melanie’s award-winning ‘Spinal Column’ in The Times Magazine and a testament to ‘the art of getting on with it’.

Melanie will be in conversation with Sarah Maine, another writer whose heart is in Scotland. The latest of her three novels, Women of the Dunes, was recently Waterstones’ Scottish Book of the Month.

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Melanie Reid Author Photo