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York Literature Festival 2018

York Literature Festival 2018

St Peter's will be hosting seven events as part of York Literature Festival 2018. Tickets are available from York Theatre Royal, unless stated otherwise.

  • Dr Janina Ramirez: The World of Medieval Mysticism 
    Friday 16 March 7pm
    Dr Ramirez will explore the power of the mystical tradition, referencing her book and BBC documentary on Julian of Norwich, the first known woman to write a book in English. Tickets are £10 from York Theatre Royal.

  • Sir Simon Jenkins: Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations 
    Saturday 17 March 7pm       
    Bestselling historian and columnist Simon Jenkins has travelled the country, visiting the best railway stations and learning of their history, significance, triumphs and follies. Tickets are £10 from York Theatre Royal. 

  • Guy Bass: Stitch Head
    Sunday 18 March 11am - 12.30pm
    Guy Bass' bestselling book series follows the adventures of a mad scientist's forgotten creation, the tiny hero known as Stitch Head. Join Guy for ridiculous ramblings, rib-tickling readings and raucous regalement as he explores his childhood inspirations and aspirations. Celebrating 200 years of Frankenstein. Tickets are £4 from York Theatre Royal.
  • Baroness Sayeeda Warsi: The Enemy Within - A Tale of Muslim Britain
    Sunday 18 March 3pm - 5pm
    Sayeeda Warsi draws on her own unique position as the UK's first Muslim Cabinet minister to consider the past decade for Muslims in Britain, and the lessons and challenges they must face in the next. Tickets are £10 from York Theatre Royal.

  • Johnny Ball: Wonders Beyond Numbers
    Thursday 22 March 7pm
    TV legend Johnny Ball will tell us the story of mathematics. Introducing us to the major characters and leading us through many twists and turns, Johnny will take us from ancient times to the technological wonderland we live in today. Tickets are £10 from York Theatre Royal.

  • Professor Phil Manning: Last Days of the Dinosaurs
    Saturday 24 March 3pm
    The end of the dinosaurs’ reign on Earth was 65 million years ago. What happened? New discoveries in Mexico provide the first ever timing of events on the last day of the Cretaceous. Book your free tickets here.

  • Dr Lindsey Fitzharris: The Butchering Art
    Saturday 24 March 7pm
    Medical historian Dr Fitzharris illuminates the turning point in the history of medicine, when pioneering British surgeon Joseph Lister transformed his brutal, harrowing practice into the safe, vaunted profession we know today.Tickets are £7.50 from York Theatre Royal.

Please note that parking on site will be limited, so other forms of transport are encouraged. The nearest public car park is Marygate, a few minutes' walk from the venue. Please contact us on 01904 526 315 if you have any access requirements.