Looking for a school for your child?

Where most schools catapult children from junior school to high school at age 11, at St Olave's we have an age range of 8 to 13.

The reason that our 12 and 13 year olds are at the top of the junior school, not lost at the bottom of a big senior school, is so they gain in confidence, self-esteem and opportunities. This system is unique to us within York and ensures that our Year 7 and 8 pupils can thrive without the pressures of being surrounded by older pupils. St Olave's offers:

  • a guaranteed place into St Peter’s School
  • a focus on teaching and learning in Year 6 - not SATS
  • a House system which provides individual mentoring and support and a caring family atmosphere
  • school sessions from Monday to Saturday to allow for a broad and diverse curriculum
  • facilities normally only found in a Senior school including: Science Labs, Music Centre, Art and Design Centre, Cookery Room, two Sports Halls, Swimming Pool
  • Spanish, French, German and Latin and the chance to experience overseas exchanges
  • outstanding access to Sport - pupils have on average five hours of sport a week
  • a good balance of male and female teachers
  • flexible boarding options
  • a wide range of excellent clubs, trips and after school activities