StPeters Nov18 46St Olave’s has a strong tradition of “Classics for everybody”.

Gone are the days of declining endless nouns and studying fusty topics from dust covered text books! We aim to develop a knowledge and understanding of Classical Greece and Rome through an enjoyable study of their language, literature, history, art and ideas, thus fostering analytical and linguistic skills along with perceptions of a culture which has given us so much of what we take for granted today.

Pupils are introduced to Latin in year 6, where they meet up with Minimus the mouse and follow him through various adventures in Britain alongside some great Classics from Greek mythology. All pupils take up the Cambridge Latin Course in Year 7 and will follow some kind of Classics Course – be it Latin or Classical Studies – until the end of Third Form, when both subjects are put into the option pool. With such an early grounding and stimulating material, it is not surprising that take up in Fourth Form is excellent.

We aim to enhance the curriculum with a wide variety of extra activities both in and out of school. Author visits, reading competitions, hands-on presentations on Roman food and on the Roman Army in Britain along with various dramatic activities have been supplemented with visits at home and abroad. The web and Cambridge e–learning course have also helped to bring the study of the Romans into the 21st century.

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Christmas Easter Summer
J3 Classics

An introduction to Roman Britain and chronological placement of the Minimus family.

Minimus chapters 1 and 2 and associated grammar.

An introduction to the Greek gods.

The myths of Kronos and Rhea, Daedalus and Icarus, Perseus and Medusa.

Roman food.

Chapters 3 and 4 of Minimus and associated grammar.

Roman slavery.

Roman Education.

The myths of Pandora’s Box and Echo and Narcissus.

Chapter 5 of Minimus and associated grammar.

The importance of oral storytelling.

Extracts from Homer’s Odyssey: the Cyclops, Circe and the return to Ithaca.

Life in Britain for the Celts, before and after the Roman invasion.

J4 Latin 

Coverage of Book 1 of the Cambridge Latin Course

Stages 1 – 4 of the Cambridge Latin Course Stages 5 - 7 of the Cambridge Latin Course Stage 8 - 10 of the Cambridge Latin Course

J5 Latin

Coverage of the end of Book 1 and into Book 2 of the CLC

Stages 11 - 13 of the Cambridge Latin Course Stages 14 - 16 of the Cambridge Latin Course Stages 17 - 18 of the Cambridge Latin Course