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The mathematics department at St Olave’s seeks to:

  • Develop confidence, understanding and enthusiasm for mathematics.
  • Develop a wide range of mathematical skills and to use them to solve a wide range of problems in a wide range of situations.
  • Think and communicate mathematically in written, spoken and graphical form.
  • To attain a high standard of numeracy.
  • Work both independently and co-operatively.
  • Investigate mathematical ideas to think creatively.
  • Work to the limits of their abilities and beyond.
  • Acquire the foundation necessary for the further study of mathematics and other curriculum areas.
  • Recognise situations where the use of IT is appropriate i.e. calculators and computers.

Pupils are encouraged to think creatively and to develop independent learning skills. They are also encouraged to use critical thinking and to produce independent work such as posters and investigations.

Pupils enjoy the vigour of maths competition: in school, regionally and nationally. Pupils can work individually, in pairs and in group situations.







Number bonds to 10 & 100 
Integers to 1000
Place value to increase & decrease
Add several numbers
Round to nearest 10, 100 & 1000
Counting-on to find difference (Frog)
Add & subtract 2- & 3-digit numbers
Add & subtract multiples of 10 & 100
Add 3- & 4-digit numbers using partitioning (expanded)
Subtract using column (expanded)
Subtract using carrying (compacted)
Addition & subtraction practice investigations
6 times table
9 times table
Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit
Double & halve 3-digit numbers
Multiply using grid
Divide 2-digit numbers (chunking)
Analogue & digital time to nearest minute (use am / pm)
Time intervals & Reading timetables
24 hour clock
Fraction wall, comparison, equivalence & simplifying
Simplify fractions
Tenths & decimal conversions
Place value of decimal numbers
Find unit fractions of amounts
Find non-unit fractions of amounts
Subtract by counting up to multiples of 1000
Column subtraction of 4-digit numbers
Choose method of subtraction
Solve word problems
Place value of 4-digit numbers
Place value 4- & 5-digit numbers
Negative numbers


Counting-on in 25s, 50s & 100s
Mental strategies
Use factors to multiply & divide
Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit (ladder method)
Divide 2- & 3-digits by 1-digit (chunking)
Length: meters, centi- and milli-
Decimals in length
Mass: Kilo- & grams
Capacity: Litres & milli- (including small fractions of…)
Recognise acute, right & obtuse
Parallel & perpendicular lines
Line symmetry
Perimeter of rectilinear shapes
Perimeter & Area of rectilinear shapes
Properties of 2D shapes
Properties of 2D & 3D shapes
Add amounts
Subtract amounts
Change from £10, £20 & £50
Understanding decimals
Counting-on in tenths & hundredths
Rounding decimals
Adding money & finding change
Coordinates in 1 quadrant 
Drawing tally charts
Reading information from bar graphs
Drawing bar graphs
Line graphs

Addition of 4-digit numbers
Adding 2-, 3-, 4-digit numbers
Subtract 3- & 4-digit numbers
11 & 12 times table
Mental & written strategies
Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit
Multiplying by 11 & 12
Multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit
Equivalent fractions
Converting to decimals
Adding fractions
Fractions of amounts
Square numbers
Factor pairs
Grid investigations
Problem solving



5-digit numbers
6-digit numbers
Rounding 5-digit numbers
Add 4-digit numbers
Add several numbers
Add & subtract 2- & 3-digit numbers
Subtract 3- & 4-digit numbers by counting up
Subtract 3-digit numbers
Subtract 4-digit numbers
Mental subtraction of 3- & 4-digit numbers
Mental word problems
Add & subtract mental & written strategies
Mental multiplication strategies
Multiply 3- & 4-digit numbers by 1-digit
Multiply 3- & 4-digit numbers by 1-digit
Divide 3-digits by 1-digit numbers
Place value up to 2dp
Multiply & divide by 10 & 100
Round & order decimals
2- & 3- place decimal numbers
Find change by counting up
Mental addition with decimals
Add & subtract decimals
Solving problems
Compare fractions & find equivalents 
Compare fractions & decimals
Fractions of 3 digit numbers
Mixed numbers & improper fractions
Multiply proper fractions by whole numbers
Measure angles
Calculate angles
Drawing circles & labeling parts
360º in a circle


Multiples & factors 
Mental & written strategies
Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits
Mental division strategies
Divide 3-digits by 1-digit
Multiply & divide
Regular & irregular shapes
Units of length 
Weight & Capacity
Calculating perimeter (inc. Regular shapes)
Rectangles & composite shapes
am, pm & 24-hour clock 
Reading timetables
Column method
Add & subtract 5-digit numbers
Solve problems
Finish off anything from before half term
Add & subtract money
Mental methods
Multiply fractions
Compare fractions
Adding & subtracting fractions
Equivalents: Fractions, decimals & %
Percentage of amounts
Divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 10
Prime numbers, factors and square numbers
Finding cube numbers
Time & Timetables


Negative numbers
Translations & reflections
Short multiplication
Long multiplication 
Short division
Identifying 3D shapes
Read & draw line graphs
Volume & Capacity
Factor tree diagrams
Using factors to multiply
Code breaker 
Cube products
Roman numerals
Common conversions



Read & write 7-digit numbers
7-digit numbers
Adding integers (place value & number bonds)
Mental strategies for addition
Column method for addition
Subtraction strategies (frog or column)
Mental strategies for subtraction
Column method for subtraction
Choosing methods
1, 2 & 3 place decimals
2 & 3 place decimals
Decimal place value
Multiply & divide by 10,100 & 1000
Converting fractions & decimals
Add Integers & decimals
Subtract decimals
Add & subtract decimals
Calculate change
Add & subtract Integers & decimals
Read information & plot line graphs
Read Pie Charts
Interpret graphs
Mental strategies for multiplying
Short multiplication & grid method (Italian allowed)
Long multiplication & grid
Multiply 3- & 4-digit numbers
Multiply decimals by 1-digit
Multiplication problems (inc. decimals)
Divide by whole numbers
Long division
Compare fractions
Fractions & mixed numbers
Add & subtract fractions (using wall)
Multiply & convert fractions
Divide fractions by whole numbers
Multiply & divide fractions
Multiply fractions 


Converting metric measures
Reading scales and measures problems
Finding time intervals
Intervals of time
Area of rectangles & Composite shapes
Area of Triangles & Composite shapes
Find volume
Area, perimeter & volume
Angles in triangles, straight lines & perimeter
Angles in 2D shapes
Calculating angles
Measuring and calculating angles
Drawing accurate shapes
Properties of 2d shapes
Coordinates in 4 quadrants
Coordinates problems
Using brackets
Negative numbers
Positive & negative numbers
Use division to find fractions of amounts
Multiply & divide with fractions
Fractions & percentages
Percentages of amounts 
Percentage puzzles
Missing number problems
Describe functions
Describe number sequences
Solve equations
Algebra puzzles
Finding the mean
Median and mode


Integers & decimals
Unusual methods (for interest if wanted)
Divide 4-digits by 2-digits
Divide with decimal remainders
Scaling by multiplying & dividing
Identify Factors & Multiples
Identify Prime numbers
Identify Prime numbers
Identify ratios
Catch up anything not yet covered.
Binary numbers
Magic squares
Mystery Tables
Fibonacci sequence



Place value
Addition & subtraction
Four rules (written)
Order of Operations
Factors, Multiples & Primes
Squares, Roots, Triangular, Cube numbers
Metric Measures
Area of 2D Shapes



Angles & Lines
Angles in Parallel Lines
Constructions (with ruler & protractor only)
Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Ratio & Proportion
Straight line graphs
2D Shapes
Area & surface area


3D Shapes
Solve equations
Assessment week
Problem solving
Real life graphs
Conversion graphs
Metric & Imperial
Compare data & surveys



Place Value
Addition & Subtraction
Powers & Roots
Factors, Multiples & Primes
Order of Operations
Calculator skills
Fractions & Decimals
Ratio & Proportion
Straight Line Graphs
Angles & Lines (Revision)
Angles (Interior & Exterior)
Metric Measures (Revision)
Area (Revision)
Area (Circles)
Probability (Revision)
Reflection & Rotation (Revision)
Averages (Revision)


Mental calculations
Four rules (Written)
Sequences and nth term
Functions & mappings
Constructions & loci
3d shapes
metric measures
2d shapes


Enlargement & combinations
Graphs and charts
Rela life graphs
Stem & leaf diagrams (extn)
Scale drawings
Scatter graphs
Final week activities