J4 School of Rock 2018J4 have been experiencing the best of London, with a visit to The Globe, the Tate Modern and the New London Theatre.

After getting the train down from York, pupils travelled across the capital to the Globe Theatre, where they enjoyed a tour with a genuine Shakespearean actor and a chance to then visit the Globe Exhibition, researching some facts about London in Tudor times.

This was followed by a stroll around the Tate Modern, which presented pupils with plenty of opportunity to study some challenging and innovative pieces of art, with a new installation involving swings proving a particular favourite.

J4 in London 2018Some of the pupils also found time for a visit to Covent Garden, whilst both groups enjoyed food at Wagamama’s after the main event, a performance of the critically-lauded School of Rock at the New London Theatre.

Julia Jones, Head of English, said: “The trip to London is always a highlight of the Easter term – everyone has had a wonderful time experiencing many different aspects of the capital’s culture, and learned plenty about Shakespeare’s theatre, modern theatre, travel around London and a dip into the world of modern art.”