Drone Day

Programming and controlling a drone is not the easiest of tasks, but pupils at St Olave’s school have been learning these skills as part of a challenging workshop. 

Drones, which are small unmanned aerial vehicles, are becoming a regular sight in our skies. They can be used for aerial photography, surveillance and even postal deliveries. 

St Olave’s J2 were tasked to programme a drone to perform a series of manoeuvres. Through trial and error and a good amount of perseverance, pupils grasped control of their drones, learning not just how programming can be applied to the real world but also principles that will help them to adapt and learn. 

Chris Harvey, Head of ICT and Computing, said: “The drone day was a challenging experience, but one that all the children loved. As part of the workshop the children learnt how to programme the drones but at its core they learnt valuable lessons of determination in order to be successful programmers.”