J4 have brought Mallory Blackman’s Cloudbusting to life, taking the award-winning story from page to performance.

In addition to J4 reading Cloudbusting in class, the whole year group took part in a workshop that has helped take their learning that one step further. Approaching the book as theatre inspired pupils to gain a further understanding of the characters, by acting out scenes and stepping into their shoes. This has helped the children understand the story in more depth and appreciate why characters may have made the choices they did.

Going beyond the text itself, the workshop has helped develop pupils’ public speaking, professional theatrical skills and working with verse.

Mrs Susie Lockett, said: “Exploring Cloudbusting through drama gave pupils additional insight into the characters’ motivations and relationships, by taking the words from the page and bringing them to life. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop and it has sparked fresh ideas which has prompted further discussion of the story.”