Mini Jazz Band

The Mini-Jazz Band experienced an exciting opportunity to play a set on the splendid stage of Birmingham’s town hall as part of the National Festival of Music for Youth.

Un-daunted by the grandeur of both the building and the amount of microphones and professional sound equipment on the stage the band played a set of three pieces in contrasting styles to a panel of three well-known industry professionals.

The adjudicator’s feedback noted many positive things such as ‘lovely articulation and phrasing from the ensemble’  noting that the band’s playing was ‘nicely shaped with a sense of cadence’. The rhythm section got a special mention as did all of the soloists, which make up most of the band, as the focus on improvisation was especially appreciated by the panel.

Following their performance, the band had the opportunity to listen to other bands from around the country giving a range of terrific performances. A huge thank you goes out to the members of the Mini-Jazz band for sacrificing the first day of your summer break to make this trip happen.

Many thanks to Dr Iain Harrison, Head of Instrumental Music, for this report.