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Some of our J5 pupils have been having an introduction to the world of professional film-making as part of this term’s video project. 

Anesu, Evie, Fraser and Victoria have been working with a producer and creative director to devise, plan and produce a short film to show the world what life at St Olave’s is all about.

The project started with a meeting where the film company asked the children to talk about what they love most about the School. Their answers included their friendships, rugby, the food, trips, music, sport, boarding, the house system and the fact that “there is not a single teacher where you do not like their lesson. Even if you think at first you do not like the subject, they make it enjoyable and you look forward to it and they always help you.” 

Next, the children had to review films made by other schools and universities to help them make important decisions on which of two ideas to work on further.

Some of the ideas the group talked about with the creative director included, narrative, skeletons (not real ones!), hero shots and transitions. The pupils all seemed to agree with each other on the sort of film they wanted to see, but they were also very keen to make sure that “parents have to like the film because although it’s not entirely their decision where we go to school, they are quite important in making the decision.” 

With choices to finalise on lighting, music, scripting, transitions and a host of other matters, as well as some lines to learn, the pupils have shown fantastic collaboration skills (one of the two Learning Habits we are focusing on this term). They are also showing the creativity, initiative and flexible thinking they have developed in their five years at St Olave’s.

The film company commended the pupils’ work and St Olave’s unique approach to developing a School video which really gets inside how it feels to be part of this community, with all its opportunities.

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