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Pupils at St Olave’s enjoyed a fabulous day in school with bestselling author, Maz Evans. After a lively and productive morning of creative writing workshops in the Library with the J4s, Maz talked to an audience of over 250 children in the Shepherd Hall, including pupils from Burton Green Primary. Maz’s high energy delivery and hilarious anecdotes made for a thoroughly entertaining afternoon with much laughter. Pupils were enthralled by Maz’s dynamism, wit and humour as well as hearing her wise words about perseverance, having a resilient spirit and how we should never give up on pursuing our dreams. In order to build a sandcastle you first need to shovel sand.

Maz Evans is the author of the hugely popular Who Let the Gods Out series for children and her acclaimed creative writing events have featured at Festivals, literary events, and primary schools around the UK.

“To be around kids reading in an age of Netflix and Minecraft is utterly joyful” said Maz.