St Peter's School


Stpeters27thSept 76Each Chemistry laboratory is self-sufficient and well-equipped in terms of apparatus and fume cupboards. Students and staff work in a stimulating, safe environment.

The policy of the department is that as much of the work as possible is taught through class practical work and demonstrations. The department also makes frequent use of the adjoining lecture theatre.


Chemistry is taught as part of the EdExcel International GCSE Science (Double Award).

Sixth Form

The course followed is AQA’s Chemistry specification. Currently both modules are taken at the end of the Lower Sixth.

Practical work forms a very important part of the course and approximately half of the available time is spent on this. Information technology is used in a variety of ways including data-logging, spectroscopy, databases and desktop publishing of notes and practical work sheets. Students who wish to go on to further Chemistry study are well catered for, as are those who do not intend to take their study of Chemistry further.


  • Each year a member of the department gives a lecture or demonstration to the Science Society.
  • Suitable A level students are encouraged to enter the National Chemistry Olympiad.
  • Links are continually being developed with local industry and universities.