St Peter's School


York's Chocolate Industry - 2019

Chocolate TrailWe are strongly of the belief that our pupils should know more about the city in which they live. As such, our pupils have been studying the growth of York from its historic origins and are starting to investigate the growth of industry in the city.

While other northern cities made their wealth from wool, cotton and steel, York paved its own way and built a city from chocolate. Its rivers brought in the vital ingredients, while the railways transported the final products at speed around the country. Some of the world’s most well-known names in chocolate began life in York – Rowntree’s KitKat and Terry’s Chocolate Orange to name a couple.

Following a tour of York’s Chocolate Story, pupils followed a trail around the city, looking for evidence the chocolate industry had on the growth of York, as well as discovering the different eras of the city’s growth.

As part of this investigation pupils developed important fieldwork skills through mapping the locations they visited, drawing field sketches and dating influential buildings.