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As part of St Peter’s long-term commitment to making the School accessible, we offer help with fees to children whose families cannot otherwise fund a place.

Applications for fee assistance are means-tested and your child must reach an acceptable standard in the School’s entrance exam to be considered.  In addition, we will look at how much your child is likely to contribute to the life of the school, and his or her potential to benefit from help with fees.

Funds awarded range from 10%-100% and take into consideration all financial circumstances including income, outgoings, savings and assets owned (including the family home).

Help with fees is usually available to pupils entering St Olave’s J4 / Year 7, or St Peter’s Third Form / Year 9 and Sixth Form / Year 12.  Additional funding may be available to cover other costs such as school uniform. 

Applicants in receipt of fee assistance are responsible for declaring any significant changes in their financial circumstances and will complete an annual declaration. Although funds will not be withdrawn for minor financial changes, the level of assistance may change, and financial assessments will be made prior to entering St Peter’s at Lower Sixth.

Application Process

All applicants are dealt with in strictest confidence.

Those wishing to apply for help with fees must indicate this at the point of application.  Later indications that assistance will be required will only be considered in the event of a sudden and unexpected change of circumstances.

There are several stages when applying for help with fees. Once your application has been received, we will check the information you have provided and ask you for any further details or supporting evidence that may still be required.

Candidates are offered the opportunity to attend a taster day prior to the entrance exam. Following the exam, and before we reach a final decision, we may carry out home visits for some applicants.
You will be notified of the outcome of your application, including the level of any fee assistance, before the end of February.

Funds for helping with fees are limited and we are generally oversubscribed. A child who is successful in his or her application for a place at the School may not necessarily qualify for assistance with fees. Where entry to St Peter’s School is dependent on receiving financial assistance, parents are strongly advised to consider alternative options in case we are unable to meet your request for support.

Applications for support should be received by 31 December.

For further information on making an application for fee support in the next academic year, contact the Admissions Office.

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