Applying for fee assistance

St Peter's School

Applying for fee assistance

If you are looking for fee assistance (formerly known as Assisted Places) for an independent school education in York or Yorkshire, applying is straightforward.  

Throughout the process our Admissions Officer Mrs Gillian Daniells will be on hand to answer any questions and to keep you up to date with the processing of your application.

You can contact Mrs Daniells by email or call her directly on 01904 527305.

Stage 1: Get in touch

Our Admissions Officer Gillian Daniells has helped dozens of pupils and their families through the process of applying for Help With Fees and will be able to give you personal advice and answer any questions that you may have.

If you think you may need fee assistance, you should get in touch as soon as possible, as every year we receive more applications than we are able to grant assistance to.

Stage 2: Submit your application

Fill in our Application Form and our Help With Fees form,

Please note it's essential that we receive these forms together. We cannot accept Help With Fees applications after you have submitted your Application form unless there are major, sudden and unexpected changes in your circumstances. 

If you cannot submit both forms at the same time, you must let us know you wish to apply for fee assistance when you submit your application form.

You should submit your application by 31 December.

We will check your application and ask you for any further details or supporting evidence that we need. Please be aware that we may contact your child's current school for a reference at any point after we receive your application, unless you have made a different arrangement with us.

Stage 3: Visit us

We will invite you to visit us informally so that you can meet teachers and pupils, as well as see our facilities and campus.

It's important that you feel you have all the information that you need, so we encourage you to ask as many questions as you have, and return for another visit if you feel it would be helpful. We can also arrange for you to meet specific members of staff to help with any particular areas you wish to discuss.

Stage 4: Entrance Exam

We will invite your child to sit our entrance exam at the school. The same entrance exam is taken by all pupils applying to St Olave's or St Peter's, regardless of whether they are applying for help with fees,

Our entrance exam takes place in late January and no additional study or preparation should be needed.

Stage 5: Home Visit

If we decide after the entrance exam that we wish to offer a place,  we will contact you to arrange a time for us to visit you at home.

The visit will normally be from our Admissions Officer (who you will have talked to and met several times by this stage) and a colleague.

The home visit is simply an opportunity for us to verify the address, living arrangements and other information you have supplied to us.

Our decision

We will make our decision as swiftly as possible and we'll tell you the results of your application by the end of February. Our decision may be:

  • Not to offer a place at St Peter's
  • To offer a place, with fee assistance covering between 10% and 100% of the school fees
  • To offer a place, with no fee assistance

If we offer you a place, we will give you a date by which you must accept it.