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How to apply

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Pupils may choose to join us at Clifton School and Nursery between the ages of 3-8, at St Olave’s between the ages of 8-13, or at St Peter’s for those aged 13 or above.

Most children joining the Senior School will join at age 13 in the Third Form, or age 16, for the Lower Sixth. If spaces are available, it is also possible to join the Fourth Form at age 14 at the beginning of the two-year GCSE programme. We will occasionally consider applications for Fifth Form and Upper Sixth if places exist, but transfers during the course of GCSE or A-level programmes can be complicated, and we generally advise against moving at these stages if it can be avoided.

St Peter’s is oversubscribed. You should aim to apply at least a year in advance, and certainly by 31 December, wherever possible. We are very happy to supply all the advice and guidance you may need during the admissions process, and we would encourage you to visit us and ask as many questions as possible to ensure you have all the information you need to choose the right school for your child.

For advice on all aspects of the Admission and Bursary process, contact Mrs Gillian Bland on 01904 527 305, or by email at

To apply for a place, please download the application form, complete it in full and return it with the registration fee of £75 to the Admissions Officer, St Peter’s School, York, YO30 6AB.

Further information on the application process for Clifton School and Nursery.

Further information on the application process for St Olave’s

Entry at Third Form (Year 9)

Children will usually join the Third Form in the September after their 13th birthday, although a child whose birthday falls very near the cut off may be considered for entry a year earlier or later. Applications should be received by 31 December, and children will sit our entrance exam in January. The assessment consists of tests in Maths, English and general intelligence, together with an interview. We also take reports and references from the child’s current school into account. If a child sits the Common Entrance exam, the results of this will also be considered.

We will generally let you know about the outcome of your application within two weeks of the entrance exam.

Entry at Lower Sixth (Year 12)

Lower Sixth is the first year of the two-year A-level course, and a very popular entry point. Candidates are assessed in their preferred subjects for A-level, in addition to completing an interview. Reports, references and predicted grades are taken into account.

Our minimum academic requirement for entry to the Sixth Form is six B grades at GCSE, or equivalent. However, entry is extremely competitive and in most circumstances it is likely that candidates will need to perform well above this level to be successful in securing a place. We are happy to provide further advice during the admissions process.

The Entrance Exam for those wishing to join the Lower Sixth takes place in November each year. 

Overseas candidates who are unable to attend at St Peter’s on entrance exam day may make arrangements to take their tests closer to home. Gillian Bland, our Admissions Officer, will be pleased to provide advice and guidance in making these arrangements.

Candidates who perform particularly well in the November exam will be offered a place immediately. However, those candidates who perform less strongly may be placed on a waiting list, with final decisions being made in February.

We may choose to make a firm offer or a conditional offer to candidates. Where a conditional offer is made, the candidate must meet any specified criteria – such as achieving certain grades at GCSE – before the place can be confirmed.

For advice on all aspects of the Admission and Bursary process, contact Mrs Gillian Bland on 01904 527 305, or by email at

Key dates for entry to St Peter’s in September 2020

Saturday 8 June 2019

13+ Induction Day

Saturday 22 June 2019

16+ Induction Day

Saturday 5 October 2019

Open Morning

Saturday 9 November 2019

16+ Entrance Exams

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Deadline for Help With Fees applications

Saturday 18 January 2020

13+ Entrance Exams

21/22 January 2020

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