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Clockwise from top left: Dronfield, The Rise, The Manor, Linton House.
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We have four boarding houses at St Peter’s: Dronfield and The Rise for the girls, and Linton and The Manor for the boys. Junior boarders at St Olave’s School live in Wenthworth House. Each house is overseen by Houseparents, a married couple who are also academic staff at the school.

Though the structure and rules of each house are broadly the same, each house has its own distinct personality and atmosphere, owing to the size of the house, our houseparents, and of course, the boarders themselves.

Each of our boarding houses is home to 30 to 45 pupils, allowing Houseparents, staff and boarders themselves to get to know everybody individually, creating the feeling of an extended family. Houseparents and senior boarders lead by example, ensuring that everybody feels welcome and valued from the moment they arrive.

Boarders are encouraged to make their mark in every sense, from bringing their own posters, photos and bedding to create their own space in the bedroom, to bringing their unique talents and personality to the common rooms and the wider school. Boarders value each other not solely for their achievements, but for who they are and what they bring to the House.

“We’re really lucky at St Peter’s as we have access to such a large, safe campus but are only a few minutes’ walk from town.”

- Senior boarding pupil

Each house offers spacious and comfortable accommodation, with common rooms, study areas, computer rooms, WiFi, music practice rooms and a fully equipped kitchen which is replenished daily with fruit, cereal, bread, milk and snacks. Boarders eat their main meals in the School Dining Hall, making lunch time an ideal opportunity to catch up with friends from the day houses.

In recognition of their increasing maturity and responsibilities, Sixth Formers benefit from greater flexibility and privacy within the Boarding Houses, sleeping one or two to a room, with access to their own study areas.

A laundry service is available for pupils and each House has a Matron and team of staff to help ensure everything rooms smoothly. In the senior Boarding Houses, boarders share some duties, with everyone doing their bit to contribute to a happy and efficient House.

Our junior boarders at St Olave's are housed in Wentworth House.

House parents

Dronfield Jon & Lucy Whitehouse
Linton Justine & Steve Williams
The Manor Steve & Dori Gwilliam
The Rise

Dorothy & Duncan Gillies