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Monday 21 January

CCF 25m Range 21 01 19 (103)Pupils from St Peter’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) visited Strensall’s Queen Elizabeth Barracks on Monday afternoon for a mixture of marksmanship training and practical lessons in fieldcraft.

As part of their fieldcraft training the cadets were shown how they would be able to look after themselves and their equipment, move and observe without being seen and how to provide shelter for their unit in an outdoor environment.

In addition to their fieldcraft training, the unit was invited to practice their marksmanship on the 25m rifle range. Here they were able to practice the safe handling and use of a general purpose rifle while improving their accuracy of using such a weapon.

CCF 25m Range 21 01 19 (93)CCF provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their self-discipline and responsibility. It provides practical exercises that help improve their endurance and resourcefulness while encouraging them to persevere in often difficult conditions.

Oaken, one of the cadets, said: “Being part of the CCF is really enjoyable. It gives you the opportunity to do a mixture of practical activities that provide great hands on experience.” Navami, another of the cadets, added: “CCF is one of the more different activities that the school offers and it’s great at building confidence and working together as a team.”