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Keystone magazine team 2018Keystone is the flagship of pupil journalism at St Peter’s; it is a periodical written and edited by Sixth Formers interested in the creative arts and contemporary culture. We produce two publications throughout the academic year but pupils are invited to participate for a term at a time. All liaison with the publishers, design, editing and distribution are the responsibility of the pupil team, led by a designated chief editor. 

Recent articles have included Conspiracy Theories and Fake News; Food Trends: Hot or Not?; Why I am Wearing a Trouser Suit…And Am Thankful For It and Psychological Thrillers and Why They’re Great. Regular features include Artist of the Moment, Spotlight on the Booker Prize and the newly introduced Keystone Gallery, a celebration of school creativity.     

We also make sure we get out and about to the cinema, local cafes and restaurants and we’ve been lucky enough to have writers in to speak with us about their craft. 

Keystone is an open forum for lively debate and intellectual discussion but is also a practical platform for how to deal with publishing deadlines, how to appeal to the zeitgeist through market research and how to compile and distribute material efficiently. Our mission is to provoke conversation and debate detached entirely from the curriculum.

You can read the latest edition of Keystone here.

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