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Community Action

Fifth Form Volunteering Week

Volunteering is a very important part of life at St Peter’s. Pupils from throughout the school volunteer their time in many different ways. Some of the volunteering work can be challenging and requires courage and determination, but ultimately it is very rewarding and enjoyable. It is also a good way to strengthen links to the wider community and help some very good causes.

Some pupils give their time on a regular weekly basis either within the school or working with one of the many local charities that we support. Others commit themselves to short-term projects that make a difference to the local community and benefit others.

There are a wide variety of opportunities within the Community Action Programme arranged both on-site and in the wider community and pupils are encouraged to work on their own projects as well.

Once started, volunteering can be a rather difficult habit to kick: it often leads to other volunteering challenges during gap years, at university and beyond.

St Peter's pupils team up with Mencap

During the academic year the Community Action team organises many fundraising activities within school. These include coffee mornings, cake sales and the annual Valentine's appeal. The team is also involved in local projects such as environmental work and providing Christmas parties for community groups.

Some of the local and national charities we’ve supported include:

  • S.N.A.P.P.Y
  • Lollipop
  • The Wilberforce Trust
  • Contact the Elderly
  • Charity Shops   
  • The Island
  • Mencap
  • Macmillan