Daily life

St Peter's School

Daily life

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Daily life varies for our pupils as they progress through the school, and the activities and clubs that they join will also demand varying amounts of time.  However, some elements of the school day remain the same for everyone.


Day pupils should be in School in time for House registration which is completed by 8.30am (8.20am on Saturday).

Chapel and Assembly

All pupils attend Chapel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Assembly on Thursday mornings.

Lessons start at 9.00am, and pupils have a break at 11.00am, followed by lunch at 12.40pm.

Games and Activities

All pupils are committed to the games/activities programme. On Wednesdays there is a 4.00pm finish and on Saturdays pupils finish by 3.45pm, unless they are involved in a match. On other days of the week 5.30pm is often the normal finishing time.

Tutors and House Meetings

Tutor Group and PSHE meetings take place on Tuesdays. There is House time on Saturdays before lessons. Tutors are present in Houses four days a week, in addition to the daily presence of the Housemaster/mistress.

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