St Peter's School


Iguazu Falls, Argentina, 2017Iguazu Falls, Argentina, visited by St Peter's pupils in August 2017.

A wide range of school trips take place during the school holidays.

Our pupils visit places all over the world. The last few years have seen expeditions to countries as far afield as India and Morocco. Hockey and Rugby tours to Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina have all taken place recently, as have music tours of Paris, New York and Germany, politics tours of Washington DC, cricket tours of the West Indies, hockey tours of Barbados, ski trips in the Alps, holidays to Ecuador and numerous language exchange trips.

Bormio skiing 2018
Above: The slopes of Bormio, Italy, visited by St Peter's Skiiers in February 2018.

There are opportunities to participate in dozens of other trips, such as field trips, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, trips to the theatre, cinema, art galleries and boarders’ Sunday activities. 

See the list of proposed trips for 2018-19

See the list of proposed trips for 2019-20

Upcoming trips of the 2018/19 year include:

  • Classics trip to Rome and Pompeii
  • A-Level art trip to Paris
  • Tennis tour to Portugal
  • World Challenge trip to Cambodia
  • Science trip to NASA in Florida
  • Sports tour to South Africa