Ann Widdecombe on a life of politics and celebrity

St Peter's School

Ann Widdecombe on a life of politics and celebrity

Ann Widdecombe at St Peter's
Ann Widdecombe has been speaking to the York Literature Festival about the perils of politics and the joys of writing and retirement.

In a talk at St Peter’s, Widdecombe discussed her varied career, including her twenty years in politics, her early life as travelling the world with her father in the navy, and her more recent life as a TV personality and writer.

Widdecombe spoke at length about her memorable appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, the harsh realities of recreating an authentic experience in reality show The Victorians, and the reasons why she turned down I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

The speaker also faced some challenging questions from the audience, covering the expenses scandal of 2010, the role of women in modern politics and her opinions on the political situation in the USA.

Ben Fuller, Head of Politics at St Peter’s, said: “It was wonderful to welcome Ann to the School and to hear her speak with her characteristic honesty and good humour. To get an insight into her time in Westminster, as well as a peek behind the scenes of her TV career, was fascinating, and there was some lively and thoughtful discussion with the audience as well. Many thanks to Ann for her talk and for taking the time to speak with our guests after the event.”