Leading physicist makes a Big Bang at Literature Festival

St Peter's School

Leading physicist makes a Big Bang at Literature Festival

Professor Jeff Forshaw at St Peter's
Professor Jeff Forshaw has taken the York Literature Festival back in time – all the way to the moments leading up to the Big Bang.

Professor Forshaw, who has collaborated with Brian Cox on his new book Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos, explained how science has progressed to such a point that Physicists can now study how the universe was behaving at the exact moment the Big Bang took place

An audience of over 400 at St Peter’s heard Professor Forshaw detail how the Higgs Boson particle, discovered in the Large Hadron Collider in 2012, has enabled a whole new way of thinking about the past, present, and indeed future of our universe.

David Morris, Head of Science at St Peter’s and host for the evening, said: “This was a truly fascinating lecture, offering an insight into some genuinely astonishing science. It was evident why Professor Forshaw has won prizes in recognition of his ability to explain science to non-experts, as he employed some clever metaphors to explain the fundamental laws of the Universe.. I would like to offer him my sincere thanks for an engaging and exciting lecture on behalf of everyone in attendance.”

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