TV star celebrates birthday at St Peter’s

St Peter's School

TV star celebrates birthday at St Peter’s

Richard Coles with pupils and staff at St Peter's
The Reverend Richard Coles has been entertaining an audience of hundreds at the York Literature festival,  discussing his TV career, his pop stardom and his writing – and celebrating his birthday.

As the UK’s only vicar to have had a number-one single (‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ by The Communards), Coles talked about his path to fame and how he’s managed to reconcile that with his faith and his commitments to his parish of Finedon, Northamptonshire.

In the talk at St Peter’s, Coles also engaged in some thought-provoking and challenging discussion on the church’s attitude towards the LGBT community and his experiences of the 1980s AIDs crisis.

Ben Fuller, who hosted the evening, said: “It was a pleasure to have Richard here to share his anecdotes and experiences from such a rich and varied life. He spoke with great humour, but also with great urgency about some of the issues he has come across, which made for a truly captivating evening. Ending the evening by presenting Richard with a birthday cake was the perfect way to thank him for a truly excellent talk.”