Lower Sixth enjoy Exploration Week 2017

St Peter's School

Lower Sixth enjoy Exploration Week 2017

Exploration Week 2017
With exams completed and the academic year at an end, our Lower Sixth pupils were free to enjoy something a little different – Exploration Week 2017.

Exploration Week introduces the Lower Sixth to a range of activities designed to complement all they have learned throughout their penultimate year at St Peter’s and give them the edge when it comes to university and careers applications. Appropriately, essential UCAS and careers advice takes centre-stage as pupils begin to think about life after school, with workshops and talks focusing on public speaking, creating an online brand and an introduction to university-style learning.

Flower arranging for Exploration Week 2017
Pupils are also able to draw on our staff’s expertise on a wide array of enlightening and practical topics, with sessions covering code-breaking, bike maintenance, stargazing, psychology, contemporary art, sports nutrition, flower arranging, survivalist cooking and even magic.

The centrepiece of the week was a team-building day for the entire year, in which pupils are required to work together in small teams to complete a series of fun challenges – a particularly popular task is passing a baton to teammates over an ever-widening gap, which often results in some complicated human pyramids.

Ben White, who organises Exploration Week at St Peter’s, said: “It’s always a pleasure to see the pupils challenge themselves outside of their usual curricular and co-curricular commitments. Everybody engaged with all the tasks at hand with an open mind and a positive attitude, and I’m sure they will have learned lots of valuable skills to take into their final year at St Peter’s and beyond.”