Everything explained in St Peter’s lecture

St Peter's School

Everything explained in St Peter’s lecture

Randall Munroe explains some sketches to Ben Fuller
Former NASA programmer turned cartoonist Randall Munroe entertained a full house at St Peter’s with a lecture based around his latest book of sketches, Thing Explainer.

Munroe boasts a huge online following, and over 400 people from across Yorkshire attended to hear Munroe illuminate the complexities behind everyday life.

Avoiding scientific jargon in favour of simple language and amusing diagrams, the speaker elaborated on the workings of everything from a space rocket to a baseball, delivering plenty of laughs and eye-opening explanations.

Ben Fuller, Head of Public Lectures at St Peter’s, said: ““It was great to have somebody with a global reputation here to illustrate his work in such an engaging and accessible way. Randall’s illustrations and sense of fun really helped us all to understand so much of what we take for granted in a new way – my thanks to him for a fabulous lecture.”