Lecture explains how to break the universe

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Lecture explains how to break the universe

Lewis and Barnes: A Fortunate Universe
Two astrophysicists delivered a stark warning to an audience of hundreds at St Peter’s, that the universe we live in is in fact very delicate.

Dr Geraint F. Lewis and Dr Luke A. Barnes from the University of Sydney took the audience on a tour of the universe, investigating its very fundamentals, and establishing that life as we know it is very finely tuned, to the point where a slight alteration could make life as we know it impossible.

In their lecture, A Fortunate Universe, the two scientists explained that humanity actually exists in a remarkable set of circumstances , on a special rock revolving around a special star at a special time. Their conclusion was that, rather than worrying about how delicate our universe is, we should count ourselves lucky to inhabit such a fascinating and beautiful part of it.

Andy Parr, Head of Science Outreach at St Peter’s, said: “This bold and dynamic lecture really made such a weighty topic feel entertaining and accessible. The two speakers worked brilliantly as a double-act to bring their findings to life with humour and a real sense of fun, and I’m sure the audience left feeling buoyed by the knowledge that they really do live in a fortunate universe.”