St Peter’s event takes visitors on a tour of the universe

St Peter's School

St Peter’s event takes visitors on a tour of the universe

Stargazing 2018Cloudy skies didn’t discourage the York community from turning out in their hundreds at St Peter’s School’s annual Stargazing Live event.

Though there was little chance of observing the skies above York, the York Astronomical Society’s impressive array of telescopes were welcomed inside by plenty of interest from young stargazers, who also took the opportunity to explore the night sky from inside the ever-popular Cosmodome.

The Cosmodome was joined this year by the Sundome, which illustrates the nuclear reactions at the core of the Sun, as well as a variety of other scientific exhibitions and experiments from the University of York, the Institute of Physics and pupils from St Peter’s and St Olave’s.

The evening concluded with a tour of the cosmos, courtesy of Dr Pete Edwards from the University of Durham. In his lecture, Dr Edwards used images from the Hubble Space Telescope to demonstrate that even the most seemingly empty patch of the night sky is a gateway to an incredible number of distant and fascinating galaxies. Employing simulations developed by supercomputers at the University of Durham, Dr Edwards showed the audience how close scientists are to answering the question "How did the universe evolve into the beautiful place we see today?"

Andy Parr, Head of Science Outreach at St Peter’s, said: “It’s been great to welcome people from so many schools across the region to this year’s event, even if the weather hasn’t been ideal. We’re massively grateful to all the exhibitors who helped us to introduce so many young minds to some fascinating science and of course to Dr Edwards for an informative and challenging lecture – it was a real pleasure to have him here.”