Why we need philosophy more than ever

St Peter's School

Why we need philosophy more than ever

Christien Bembridge and AC Grayling

In an age of apparent chaos and misinformation, philosophical thinking is essential, argues acclaimed author and speaker AC Grayling.

Before an audience of hundreds at St Peter’s School, Professor Grayling provided an illuminating and extensive overview of philosophy’s history, from Socrates’ dramas to Descartes’ application of method.

It is the latter which Professor Grayling believes is of paramount importance in the modern age. Describing the basis of rationality, the speaker demonstrated how the news inherently presents an irrational view of the world, before explaining how the vast amount of information and opinion on the internet requires clear, critical thinking in order to separate fact from fiction.

Taking questions from the audience, the philosopher spoke on the importance of spirituality, be that in a religious or secular sense, and how it is that which cannot necessarily be explained is what gives colour and meaning to our lives.

Christien Bembridge, who hosted the evening as Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy, said: “Professor Grayling’s ability to speak about such weighty and complex issues with such warmth and lucidity is unsurpassed, and it was a real pleasure to hear him share his latest thinking on the challenges and opportunities of our time. Everyone in attendance will have received plenty of food for thought – my sincere thanks to Professor Grayling for a hugely enlightening evening.”