Classics Pupils Take a Trip Back in Time

St Peter's School

Classics Pupils Take a Trip Back in Time


Classics pupils from St Peter’s third and fourth form discovered the wonders of Pompeii and Rome this half term in a sun-filled trip which combined fieldwork, sightseeing, lectures and museum visits.

Pupils studied some of the best preserved and most famous archaeological sites of the classical world, including the Roman Forum and Colosseum, various domestic and commercial buildings in the ancient harbour city of Ostia Antica, as well as the vast and fascinating archaeological sites of UNESCO World Heritage sites at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Ed Noy-Scott, Head of Classics at St Peter’s School said: “These are the sites that bring Classics to life vividly and meaningfully and I know that the seeds of a lifelong love of the subject have been sown this half term. The trip really helped the group understand how Classics brings together the study of art, politics, religion and society. The amount of ice-cream consumed on the trip was an additional sweetener!”