St Peter’s Welcomes Holocaust Survivor

St Peter's School

St Peter’s Welcomes Holocaust Survivor

Iby Knill

Iby Knill, a 95 year old survivor of the Holocaust, came to St Peter’s School to discuss her life with the school’s Sixth Form.

Iby was born in Czechoslovakia where she attended a German grammar school until 1937, when she was excluded for being Jewish. Life for Jewish people at this time was especially difficult and by 1942 her mother tried to get her to safety by sending Iby to an aunt in Hungary. In 1944 Germany invaded Hungary and Iby, along with countless others, were taken to Auschwitz concentration camp. After six weeks in Auschwitz she volunteered to go with a slave labour transport as a nurse to an armaments factory in the Ruhr. Iby was finally liberated on Easter Sunday 1945. After the war Iby got a job as a translator where she met her future husband, a British army officer. They married in December 1946 and moved to England the following year where she has lived since.

After listening to Iby’s emotional story, she invited the Sixth Formers to ask any questions they had about her life. There was a wide range of questions from pupils who wanted to know Iby’s thoughts on Holocaust denial and the value of human life.

It has been an absolute honour to have Iby at St Peter’s telling her story. You can read more about Iby’s life on the Holocaust Learning site.